Hebrews 3:1-6 Moses Outdone

Even Moses bows to Jesus.

Our author is going to rock some Jewish minds! The Jewish faith puts Moses on a pedestal for his contributions to their history and faith. Now our author tells this group that Jesus is higher than Moses.

Moses was one of the most revered men in Jewish history and in the Jewish faith. Our author is not disputing that fact but is putting Moses in his proper place; UNDER Jesus. “Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant… but Christ is faithful over God’s house as a Son” (verses 5a, 6a).

Moses was a servant. He was a normal man that God used to do mighty things. Leading the people out of captivity, delivering God’s law to the people, and building the first tabernacle were some of those notable acts. But Moses was just a MAN. He was also a murderer and let God down in the end. He went to his death not having been part of the fulfilment of God’s promise.

Jesus is God’s Son. He is God Himself, who took on human form. His life and works far out distance Moses’ contributions. His works and words supersede Moses’. There is NO sin found in Him. He followed God’s commands completely. He left NOTHING undone. He completed the promise and walks in it. We walk in it daily because of Him.

In no way am I trying to discount the heroes of the faith. Adam, Noah, David, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and SO MANY others who delivered God’s word to the people through word and deed. (Notice I included Adam in here. None of the people leading up to Noah would have known about God if Adam hadn’t shared his firsthand experience and account with them.) But ALL of these heroes dies and were buried. Their contributions live on but they didn’t.

Jesus’ life is different. Jesus was a man who walked the earth, just like the other heroes. But that was not all He was. He was/is also God. His life was sinless. NONE of the other heroes can make that claim. He also didn’t stay in the grave. He did what NONE of these men could do. He completed God’s plan to perfection. He served as a Son, not a servant. He took on the role of servant to all but He never lost His Sonship in the process. The Son who humbled Himself and took on the role of servant. THAT is why He is worthy of SO much more honor.

Thank You Lord Jesus for taking on a role that NO OTHER could fill. Thank You for being my willing Servant. I couldn’t do the work of saving myself, no matter how hard I tried. None of the heroes of the faith could save me either, no matter how closely I followed their instructions. You deserve ALL the honor and glory! I pray I never place anyone or anything in Your place of honor. If/when I forget and try and place something or someone in Your spot, PLEASE take hold of my spirit and remind me Whose place it really is.

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