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John 5:30-47 Right In Front Of You

The Best Witness of All!

Jesus is continuing to address the Jews who confronted the man for carrying his bed on the Sabbath. He was doing EXACTLY as Jesus had instructed him to do. And nothing he was doing was against the Law God gave. It was only against their nit picking restrictions added on top of the Law. But that is not what Jesus is addressing with them right now. Instead He is addressing the fact that they are angry that He revealed Himself as the Son of God.

“How. Dare. He!” Jesus had placed Himself on par with God. If anyone else had done that they would have been guilty of blasphemy. They would deserve the righteous indignation of the Jews. They would also deserve the wrath of God. But when Jesus makes this claim, He is PERFECTLY within His rights. He is speaking only the truth. Jesus is going to tell them straight up why they can believe His claim. Read more »