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Matthew 15:1-11 Men’s Traditions v God’s Commandments

In this corner....

In this corner….

The nit picking Pharisees are back. Today they must have really been struggling to come up with something to fault Jesus on. They want to know why Jesus’ disciples didn’t wash their hands before they ate. Is that all they could find to complain about today? Ok, they were probably talking about the ceremonial washing, which was a big deal to them. Let’s peek in on the discussion.

Matthew doesn’t give us a setting for this encounter, but from the comments of the Pharisees there must have been some dining going on. Jesus and His disciples were having dinner in a place that the Pharisees could observe them. I was originally thinking they might be dining with some Pharisees, but if they were you would expect the disciples to be on their best behavior and to follow all the rules of the house. So I am going to put them at the home of some new believer in the community. I am going to name him Joshua and assume that he has invited anyone and everyone he could to this dinner. Read more »