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Matthew 5:27-30 Jesus Addresses Lust

Lust defense

Lust Defense Mechanism

Have you ever been walking with a man when a very pretty woman comes by? Or even with a woman when a very good looking man walks by? I can almost guarantee that heads turned. Let’s take it up a notch and say the head that turned was attached to your spouse’s body. In today’s culture, I’ll bet the conversation afterwards went something like this:

“What are you doing?!? Why were you looking at him/her?”

“What? I may be married but I’m not dead. I’m allowed to notice a pretty girl/hot guy. I can look, I just can’t touch.”

Noticing and following with your head sounds a lot like what Jesus was talking about when He said not to lust in your heart. Then again, only God knows what’s truly in the heart when the head spins. But Jesus didn’t say you couldn’t “notice” or see the beautiful people around you did He? What turns looking into lusting? Is “lust” only a sexual issue? Read more »