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Acts 5:1-11 Hidden In The Heart

He knows our heart’s condition

We come to the second half of Luke’s example of generosity in the early church. This half doesn’t end well like the previous example did. The reason is the heart of the giver not the gift itself.

Meet Ananias and Sapphira. They are land owners just like Joseph in our previous example. And like Joseph they sell their property and give the “proceeds” to the apostles for the use of the body. But unlike Joseph, they are deceitful in their giving.

Let’s start at the beginning. They were not required to sell their property and give the proceeds to the apostles. It was something that had become common among the believers but God had not commanded it. We aren’t told if the Spirit prompted them to do this or if they decided to do it because everyone else was. But we can see from their actions that they didn’t really want to give up their lifestyle completely. They had one foot in the church and the other in the world. Read more »

Acts 2:42-47 Day By Day

Eagerly sharing one another’s company and learning from the apostles

We witnessed the birth of the church in our last time together. Today we get to see how it is continuing to grow and what it looks like.

The first thing I need to do though is to refine my language. The church wasn’t an it or a thing or even a place. It was made up of each and every individual who repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Savior. It was a living, breathing and growing body of believers. So when I say “it” I’m referring to everyone in that body collectively. I’m sure most of you understood what I meant in the beginning but I wanted to remove any doubt.

This body of believers was growing daily. The first day it grew exponentially! From 120 to over 3,000! It didn’t keep up these numbers every day but there were new believers joining them every day. God’s Spirit was drawing them. The people’s testimony and the miracles being done couldn’t be dismissed. Everyone was watching what was growing from the Root of Jesse. From the fulfillment of the promise. From the resurrected Jesus. Read more »