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Acts 16:16-24 Under Paul’s Skin

Her future changed in an instant

The last time we met we got to witness Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke as they went to the riverside to find a place of prayer. Today’s story starts with a side note regarding that trip, but it doesn’t end there.

If you are not an only child you can probably come up with a memory where one of your siblings bugged you to the point of exasperation! I can think of MANY in my life. Paul was taken to that point by the young girl in our story.

Luke remarks that while they “going to the place of prayer” this girl first met them. She had an evil spirit that actually benefited those she was enslaved to. This spirit was knew the secrets of others and it shared them with her. She used these secrets in telling other’s fortunes. Her owners made a sizable profit from her knowledge. Read more »