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Deuteronomy 16:1-8 Where Passover

God’s preparations for the family gathering.

For forty years Israel has been celebrating Passover wherever they happen to be on that day. Moses tells the people this will change. There will be ONE location.

God has already told the people that He is going to choose one location for His “Home”, the Tabernacle. This is where they are to bring their tithes and offerings. This is also where they are to celebrate His Passover. Read more »

Numbers 28:16-25 Offering Reminder 4

One is a promise for the ONE to come.

Today we revisit the Passover offering. This is one of the holiest remembrances for Israel and the start of their religious calendar year.

God has had the people celebrating the Passover every year during their wanderings. I wasn’t sure about this until we read that He called them to commemorate it not long after the Tabernacle was completed. This group of adults grew up with the commemorative ceremonies but didn’t experience the initial event. Or at least they didn’t experience it as adults.

The instructions given here include more than just the elements required to be in the offering. They include the proclamation of two “holy convocations” at the beginning and end of the Holy days. These instructions fix the date of this observance as well as its length. And these instructions include the command for unleavened bread to be eaten during the full week. Read more »

Numbers 9:1-14 Wilderness Passover

God allowed grace for unforseen circumstances. But He still expected adherence to the rules.

God tells Moses to have the people celebrate the Passover while still in the wilderness. He called for it right on schedule.

Today’s reading answers one of my questions that I had been asking for a long time. I wondered if the children of Israel waited until they reached the Promised Land to celebrate Passover or if they did so in the wilderness.

By the first month of the second year the people had already received God Law through Moses regarding the Passover. I believe God addressed this with them right after leaving Egypt. He set up the standards and regulations at that time. So when the time came for the first annual celebration, He reminded them. Maybe they were wondering, like I was, if this was something to be done once they reached the Promised Land or while still on their journey. God answered their question too. Read more »

Leviticus 23:4-8 Festival 2

Passover observance today evolved to remind us of the original events.

We get to look at the second of the feasts God calls for His people to celebrate. This is the Passover. This one should be very fresh in their minds!

Passover is actually two feast rolled into one. The first night, the 14th of the first month of the religious calendar for Israel is Passover. The 15th of this same month begins the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Both these remembrances are in the very recent past for this group.

I don’t know for certain if the Israelites celebrated the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread while in the wilderness. God doesn’t stipulate here that this feast is to be remembered when they come into their new land, as He does with some of the later ones. So I’m guessing they probably did. Read more »

Exodus 13:3-16 First Instructions

God’s first instructions to His new nation. A remembrance of all He had done for them.

Moses gives the children of Israel their first set of instructions outside of Egypt. They center on remembering this moment forever.

All the statutes Moses gives the people now are ones he received in connection with the final plague. He was told of the remembrance observance with unleavened bread prior to the Passover night. But he just received the consecration of the firstborn statute while as Succoth. This would NOT be the end of Israel’s instructions from the Lord but it was a firm beginning.

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Moses and Aaron survey the people. Moses has just shared the message he received from the Lord with Aaron. Now it is time to address the people. So they can be heard by all, Moses had Aaron stand with him on the stone grouping where he had met with the Lord.

Since telling the people that the Lord was going to bring them out of Egypt, Moses and Aaron have only once given them specific directions to follow. That was in preparation for the final plague. Those directions were given to protecting their lives from the plague of the first born by performing the sacrifice exactly as the Lord commanded. Read more »