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1 Corinthians 10:1-22 On The Throne

What’s on your throne?

In our reading today Paul is reining in this group of believers. He is explaining why some of their “rights” aren’t right at all. What they thought they had a “right” to do was putting them in danger.

The Corinthians’ were taking grace too far. They were playing with fire and thought that they would be forgiven in the end. Paul uses the example of Israel in the wilderness to counter their claim. Yes, Israel was under the law at that time but sin is sin and God didn’t change His mind on those points.

While Israel was wandering in the wilderness they experienced quite a bit of grace. They also experienced judgement for their sins. God didn’t stop each and every time one of them screwed up and punish them, but their continued turning to sin cost them their lives.

When I read back over the stories of Israel wandering in the wilderness I am blown away with their whining. God did SO MANY miracles on their behalf, right from the beginning. Why were they so discontent? I have always wondered about that. Read more »