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Mark 11:12-14 No More Figs

Fresh figs for the picking

Missing fruit

Jesus and His disciples made it to Jerusalem in our reading yesterday. It was an amazing ceremony! One not seen in a LONG time. They spent the night in Bethany and are on their way back into the city today. We get a glimpse into their morning trek.

As Jesus is walking along the road, He becomes hungry. He sees a fig tree in the distance. It is full of leaves so He goes over to search for something to eat. I have been looking up a lot of information of when to expect figs from the fig tree. From what I have read, I have learned that the first fruits of a fig tree, called the breba crop, begin growing before the leaves of the tree. The fruit is visible and obvious at this stage but are not ripe or ready to pick. This first crop is also of lower quality in taste. The first crop is produced from the tree’s last year’s nutrients. I wonder if this was the crop Jesus was Read more »