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Luke 18:1-8 Persistence Pays Off

flower growing through crack in asphalt

God certainly doesn’t

Luke shares a parable of Jesus’ that I have always looked at and wondered about. Today God showed me it a little different than I used to see it. This parable has to do with persistence.

As a child, my family will tell you that one of my most notable characteristics was stubbornness. I didn’t give up and I didn’t give in; not if I could help it anyway. My parents definitely didn’t enjoy this aspect of my personality and it was the cause of a LOT of corrective measures from my parents.

During my teen years, this natural bent was channeled into a driving force for things I wanted to accomplish. In that phase it was labeled as persistence and it was valued. I was actually commended for my persistence and that characteristic was credited for many of my achievements. I truly believed that these two labels actually referred to the same trait and in a small way they do. Read more »