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Matthew 9:32-34 Jesus Heals a Mute Man

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Oppression leads to depression

Because of how Matthew jumps from high point to high point in his storytelling, I’m not sure if the phrase “as they were going away” (verse 32) is referring to the two blind men or not. Logic would tell me yes, but I have been fooled a few times already. Whenever it happened chronologically, someone brought to Jesus a man who was unable to speak.

Having a medical background sometimes gets me thinking about the suffering people in the stories in the bible in a different way. One thing I ponder is what our medical community would have labeled their illnesses today. Another is what treatment would we have prescribed for them? Still another is wondering why so many illnesses were attributed to demons and demon possession. Mental health illnesses specifically were prone to this diagnosis/description. Mental health is actually the focus area in my training. I will not say expert because I am FAR from that. Our story today brings those thoughts front and center for me. Read more »