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Mark 13:14-23 Be On Guard

Jesus is continuing His answer to Peter, James, John, and Andrew’s question. I have a feeling that they are blown away a LOT by His answer. The picture He is painting for them is a bleak one. But there is hope for the one who remains in Him.

We addressed this topic when we were in Matthew and you can look back at that blog post under “The Abomination of Desolation.” We looked at quite a few things in that post, so I might gloss over those points today and look at the experience of the people in the last days instead.  Read more »

Mark 13:3-13 The End Is Coming

Holy Spirit take over now please

Holy Spirit take over now please

Jesus and His disciples have left the city and arrived on Mt. Olive. Jesus decides to take a break there and He spends some time talking with His disciples about what to expect from the future.

Jesus is sitting down looking out toward the temple when Peter, James, John, and Andrew approach Him privately. Had the group stopped by the wayside to eat? Anyway, they have a question for Jesus. They had heard His answer about the temple being destroyed, now is their chance to get more information on that subject. I’m wondering if Jesus shared this information with the rest of the group or if He kept His comments private, as this was the only group who voiced interest in knowing more. Read more »