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Acts 12:20-25 Herod’s Just Deserts

Vengeance is Mine says the Lord

Today we get to look at an ugly heart; the heart of Herod Agrippa I. He was only in his position of Herod for three years, but that was more than enough time for the church to have to deal with him. God cut his reign short.

The Herods were not Jewish but Edomites by birth but ruled in Judea during the life of Jesus and the early church. The very first Herod, Herod the Great, was appointed by the Roman Senate as King of Judea in 40 B.C. His family line carried on the position to its conclusion in about 93/94 A.D. The last of the Herods was Herod Agrippa II who sent Paul on to Rome to stand before Caesar. Herod Agrippa II died childless and only had sisters so the line of Herod ended with him. Read more »

Matthew 2:19-23 Out of Egypt

Billy's route

Taking the long way Home

Joseph believed in dreams. I frequently have vivid and weird dreams. Sometimes I try to figure them out. Joseph, however, had dreams directly from God. Were they always so straight forward as our narrator tells us or did he have to figure them out? Were the ones we are told about in Matthew the only ones God spoke to him in? Raising God’s son, I would expect a bit more direct input. I put my two cents in with my grandkids upbringing on occasion.

Apparently Herod was not convinced he got the Christ in his murderous night at Bethlehem. The bible says, “Those who sought the child’s life are dead.” He still looked for him as long as he lived. Joseph even expected Herod’s son to carry on the search to some extent. God kept Jesus safely in Egypt until after Herod’s death. This kept Jesus, Mary and Joseph out of Herod’s reach. Read more »