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Luke 9:49-50 Fellow Laborers

various wildflowers growing together in a field

The beauty in God’s variety

Yesterday we looked at the disciple’s argument about who was the greatest. Today’s reading ties right into that story. Today we find that there are others out working the “mission fields” besides Jesus and His disciples.

In yesterday’s story Jesus took a child and put him in the middle of His group of disciples to illustrate a point. We looked at this story from the point of service but I was just shown another aspect of it while reading today’s story.

When Jesus first started speaking about the child He said. “Whoever receives this child in My name receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me” (verse 48). Jesus was making this point for more than just His disciples. He was stating WHOEVER, as a global term. We recognize that for today but it was also true for His lifetime. John would bring those “whoevers” up in just a moment. Read more »