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Luke 8:9-15 Why The Differences?

Keep planting. Only God knows the soil condition

Keep planting. Only God knows the soil condition

Luke takes us through Jesus’ explanation of the Sower and the Seed parable. We have followed Matthew’s and Mark’s retelling of Jesus’ explanation too. Yesterday I linked Matthew’s explanation with Luke’s telling of the events. I want to link Mark’s explanation with today’s reading. We focused on the Purpose of the Parables in that entry. Today I want to focus on why there are different soil types and why everyone isn’t a hundred fold yields.

In the beginning of Jesus’ interaction regarding His parable He says that not everyone is supposed to understand the message. I believe He is primarily speaking of the need to keep God’s plan hidden at that stage in time. So many people have a part to play in accomplishing God’s redemptive work and part of that process is NOT really Read more »

Mark 4:10-20 Why The Parables

Sitting at Jesus' feet

Sitting at Jesus’ feet

We are joining Jesus today for an intimate explanation of His teaching methods and His parables. The crowd is gone and it is just His close followers, including His disciples, who will get to sit at His feet and learn the deeper meaning to His stories. Times like these were few and far between. I’m sure each of the regular attendees cherished these quiet times together with Jesus.

Once the crowd is gone, the first thing Mark reports Jesus being asked is, “Why the parables?” Jesus answer was simple. So the masses wouldn’t really understand what was being taught. The masses had a role to play in God’s plan. They, as a society, had to reject Jesus. If they truly understood all He was saying, they would have turned to God for forgiveness of their sins. It is not that Jesus wants to damn them all to hell, but that He wants them to wait until the right time for their understanding and turning. Read more »