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Mark 7:31-37 Deaf Ears Hear

His ears were opened and tongue loosened

His ears were opened and tongue loosened

Jesus is back on the shores of the Sea of Galilee after visiting Tyre and Sidon. Mark tells us He was in the region of the Decapolis. This is on the southern shore stretching South and East, and contains ten cities in its boundaries.

While Jesus is here some people brought a deaf man to Him. This man suffered from a speech impediment, as many who have hearing difficulties do. Those who brought him were begging Jesus to lay hands on him and heal him. Jesus was more than willing to help this man but He wanted to do so in private.

Jesus took the man off to the side to heal him. Apparently He didn’t want the crowd to see what was happening. I’m curious how big the crowd was, how He got out of their sight, and why He chose to do this physical ministry in private? Did He seek privacy because of the form of delivery of this healing, or was He simply trying to keep the whole thing quiet? Read more »