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Galatians 2:1-10 Truth Preserved

Because of grace I do works. NOT the other way round!

Paul shares with his readers how he himself brought the very issue they are dealing with before the brothers. He checked his teachings with those in authority and backed up his stand.

The issue of circumcision was not new to Paul and he addressed it completely. Paul had been preaching the word to the Gentiles for fourteen years already without requiring ANY of them to become circumcised. The Holy Spirit never instructed him to put that on them. Paul’s message was always that observing the law never saved anyone, Jew or Gentile, so why would one be required to adhere to the law now. His message was Jesus’ fulfillment of the law and salvation through grace. Read more »

Acts 15:1-21 The Bottom Line

It’s not the list that saves

An issue arises in Antioch. It stems from a group who believed that all should follow the laws of Moses, even the new Gentile brothers and sisters. One standard for all. Paul and Barnabas will have to take this issue to their highest authority; the apostles in Jerusalem.

One standard for all doesn’t sound so terrible. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” But in this case the reason for the standard and the ability to meet it are what at the core of the argument.

Paul and Barnabas have seen this group of believers in Antioch develop from the beginning. They have also planted NUMEROUS churches in other regions; Gentile regions. In none of them had God instructed them to have the Gentiles conform to the Jewish standards. And despite this perceived “lack” or “oversight” God had shown His approval of the new believers. How could these men come in and demand what God had not? Read more »