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Luke 9:57-62 Count The Cost

Cost of discipleship

Well worth the price

In Luke’s narrative Jesus is getting ready to send out a large contingent of disciples. Today’s passage seems to be His last buildup before the dispersal. Jesus makes it clear to all who want to join Him in His mission that it is not an easy ride.

Jesus has become famous from one end of Israel to the other and beyond. People come to see Him everywhere He goes. Miracles of healing and release flow at every opportunity. Food abounds at His command. Even His followers are performing miracles! Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

To the outside observer, following Jesus looks very appealing. This may have been before His teachings became harder; especially the one about eating His flesh and drinking His blood. He lost a lot of popularity and a lot of followers that day.

The three encounters that Luke points out may be typical for the whole group following Jesus. I noticed that only one person in the three was called by Jesus to join the group. The other two approached Jesus instead. Read more »