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Matthew 1:1-17 The Begats

Family Tree

Family Tree

I want to start out by saying that the lineage parts of the bible are tedious to me. I have tried on several occasions to set down and put things in order and look deeper into them. Things like each life span, other family members not listed, and historical facts. I always wind up lost and confused so I simply read the list and go from there. Something always pops up though so here we go with what I noticed this time when I read it.

The first thing that strikes me is that we didn’t go all the way back to Adam and give the FULL lineage. We have from Adam to Abraham in other places in the bible, so maybe Matthew (and God) didn’t think it needed to be repeated here.

The second points of interest to me are the women’s names in the list. The first woman is Tamar. She had to trick Judah to even get pregnant. God wanted to continue on the lineage but both Judah’s older sons were “wicked in the sight of the Lord” so he didn’t let her conceive by either of them. A “one night stand” as the temple prostitute with Judah though brought her twins. (Their birth is another interesting story. Maybe I’ll get back to that one another day. You can look it up in Genesis 38 if you want to.) Read more »