Matthew 27:32-44 On The Cross

He uttered not a word

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth Isaiah 53:7

We are joining Jesus as He physically walks the road to Golgotha. There He will willingly lays His life down. He will submit to all the brutality that is involved in crucifixion, without the slightest hint of resistance. He will be displayed for all to see and continue to be subject to humiliation and mocking from the very people He came to save.

The Roman soldiers are finished with their mocking of Jesus. I’m not certain if they had to stop because it was time for the three condemned men to make their journey or if the time for the journey was determined by when they decided they had had enough sport. I believe they stopped mocking Him because Jesus wasn’t giving them the reaction they were seeking. I don’t know whether there was any down time between the end of the mocking and the starting of the final journey. Read more »

Matthew 27:27-31 Sneers and Jeers for Our King

My King's first earthly crown

My King’s first earthly crown

In our reading today, Jesus will endure humiliating and brutal treatment from those famous for their skills in delivering it. Jesus has just left the assembly where Pilate tried unsuccessfully to have Him released. Jesus has just heard His own people cry out for His death.  Now he faces the Roman soldiers and all their pent up frustration.

Matthew briefly mentions the beating Jesus suffered on His way to the cross. It is tagged onto verse 26 where Jesus is delivered to the people for crucifixion. This was no minor thing though. It was a brutal, barbaric and often resulted in death on its own. It was also a precursor to any crucifixion. It would lessen the time the condemned spent on the cross by rendering the prisoner near death before even making it to the cross. The usual scourging was to deliver 39 lashes, which even the first one drew blood. By the time the process was completed, the condemned person’s back resembled raw hamburger. Read more »

Matthew 27:15-26 The Crowd Rules

I am innocent of this Man's blood

I am innocent of this Man’s blood

We are with Jesus again today as He finishes His time with Pilate. Jesus has answered none of the religious leader’s charges, except the one concerning Him being King of the Jews. Jesus’ attitude and behavior impressed Pilate. In our reading today we will see how hard Pilate tried to release Jesus.

Pilate was a Roman citizen and the Governor of this province. That is why the High Priest and the Sanhedrin brought Jesus to him. He had the power to carry out a sentence of death upon any prisoner. The Jewish religious leaders lacked that authority, as they were under Roman rule. Read more »

Matthew 27:3-10 A Change of Mind

I have betrayed innocent blood

I have betrayed innocent blood

We are going to look away from Jesus’ trial today and focus on the one who turned Him over to His accusers. We will look at Judas and what happened to him after Jesus was taken into custody.

Judas’ name has become synonymous with betrayal since the night he kissed Jesus as a symbol for His arrest. He will forever be remembered for this act. We are going to focus on his next act. This act can be taken either of two ways. It could be an act of contrition or an act of distancing. Read more »

Matthew 27:1-2 & 11-14 Jesus Trial Before Pilate

Are You the King of the Jews?

Are You the King of the Jews?

We join Jesus today in our reading as He is brought before Pilate, after His “trial” before the High Priest and Sanhedrin. Matthew breaks up the narrative of this portion of Jesus’ “trials” by placing the story of Judas in the middle of it. We will look at what became of Judas tomorrow and take both sides of Jesus’ Pilate sandwich today. We will not finish with Pilate’s involvement with Jesus, just Pilate’s examination of Him.

At the palace of Caiaphas the rooster has just crowed. This simple ordinary every day event held significance for many this day. The first is the sign that Peter was promised. The sound brought Peter up short when he heard it because Jesus had told him that he would deny Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. The second is the end of trial part 1. Read more »