Matthew 23:13-36 Woe to the Pharisees

The Seven Woes to the Pharisees

The Seven Woes to the Pharisees

We are still in the temple in Jerusalem with Jesus during His last week this side of the grave. He has bested all those who would test Him. Now He is addressing the crowd and His disciples. I’m assuming that the Pharisees and scribes were at least within hearing distance of Jesus as He addressed the crowd, because of some of His verbiage when pronouncing the woes. He just finished telling them to follow what the Pharisees teach but not to be like them. They are hypocrites, and that is exactly what Jesus will be calling them as we continue on with His message that day.

Jesus begins pronouncing woe’s upon the Pharisees for their conduct. He has quite a few deficiencies to address today concerning this group of people. The majority of the objections Jesus rises He starts out by saying, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.” Needless to say, Jesus is not being gentle with His criticism right now. Read more »

Matthew 23:1-12 Don’t be Like the Pharisees

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

Jesus is still in the temple in Jerusalem, but He has just dispatched His last group of testers. The Pharisees, the chief priests, the Sadducees, the Herodians, and even the Pharisees’ disciples have all had a go at Him. He bested them all in any argument they brought. No surprise there for those who know Him. All of them have completely withdrawn. Now Jesus addresses the crowd and His disciples.

Right after the Pharisees leave Jesus says, “Don’t be like them.” Jesus didn’t tell the people to ignore the Pharisees though. He told them that they were the experts in the law of God and to do as the Pharisees and scribes instructed, but do not follow their deeds. The Pharisees and scribes were indeed hypocrites. They were experts at telling the people what needed to be done to please God, but they didn’t follow their own directives. Read more »

Matthew 22:41-46 Whose Son Is Jesus?

Jesus Christ. God's right hand Man

Jesus Christ. God’s right hand Man

Jesus is still in the temple in Jerusalem. He has been approached by the chief priests, the Pharisees, the Pharisees’ disciples, the Herodians, the Sadducees, and finally a lawyer from among the Pharisees. He has “run the gauntlet” of testing from them. Now it is Jesus’ turn to ask the questions.

The Pharisees have regrouped after their last question so Jesus addresses His question to them as a whole. “What do you think about the Christ? Whose Son is He?” (verse 42). The Pharisees’ immediate reply was, “The son of David.”

The Pharisees knew the scripture about their Messiah’s lineage. He was to be descendant of David. This much they were sure of. They also knew that Jesus fulfilled this requirement. They were not ascribing to Him the title of Christ, but the people were. Read more »

Matthew 22:34-40 The Greatest Commandments

What is the greatest commandment?

What is the greatest commandment?

Jesus is still in the temple in Jerusalem. He has been confronted by so many different challenges and challengers, but He has bested them all. The Pharisees try once again. They have just watched the Sadducees get knocked out.

The Pharisees have just watched Jesus best the Sadducees, so they prepare for their final round. They send their best lawyer up to bat. And of course he chooses a question of law. He doesn’t even try to flatter Jesus like the Pharisees disciples and Herodians did. He gets right to the point.

“Which is the greatest commandment?” I wonder if he had one in mind when he asked the question. Read more »

Matthew 22:23-33 Whose Wife is She?

Seven brothers, one bride

Seven brothers, one bride

Jesus is still in the temple in Jerusalem. He has bested the chief priests, the Pharisees, the Pharisees disciples and the Herodians. Next up are the Sadducees. They are all giving it their best shot to trap or discredit Jesus in front of the people. They are failing miserably!

The Sadducees come at Jesus with a question they don’t even have a foundational basis for. They have no belief in life after this life and no foundational understanding for anything connected with it. But the resurrection is what they choose to base their question on. Why did they choose this topic? Why didn’t they choose something that they knew well and hope to out argue Jesus? Were they posing this scenario in hopes of trying to illustrate how absurd the concept of the afterlife is? I doubt they expected a logical answer. Read more »