The Donkey

Waiting for the King’s call.

The first day of Passion week and we “take a ride” with Jesus as He enters Jerusalem. His whole life has been building to this week and what a way to start it!

Each time we came to this point in our gospel accounts we got to rejoice as Jesus entered Jerusalem. We looked at several aspects of this event. In Matthew we looked at God’s planning and preparation for this event, including preparing the donkey. In Mark we looked at the faith of those involved, including the willingness to walk up to a strange donkey and untie it without permission. In Luke we looked at the praises that were being shouted, including Jesus telling the Pharisees that this praise HAD to happen. In John we looked at the crowd, including where some of them came from and their attitudes. Read more »

Passion Week Positions

Giving a quick list of my points so you can choose to come along, or not.

We have made it to the most AMAZING week since creation! This week marks man’s return to God. Not a physical return but right-standing with God. Something only HE could do but which we all benefit from.

I want to lay out a couple of “positions” I’m taking on this journey through Jesus’ final “work week.” Feel free to disagree with the points I’m posting. HE was the one who walked this path and without being there in person we REALLY don’t know every detail of how everything transpired. We are given amazing firsthand accounts in the gospel but there are still a few questions floating around that create controversy. My aim is not to force you to choose one side or another but to present what I see from the accounts.

My first “position” is for Jesus’ crucifixion to have happened on Wednesday. I say this because, looking at ALL the accounts there had to be two Sabbath days between Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. There also had to be one day in between in which to do the work of preparing the spices for anointing Him. This leaves Thursday as a special Sabbath and Saturday as the weekly Sabbath. Check out Luke:23 and Mark 16 for the account of the women. Read more »

Taking a SHORT Break

Rise and Shine Steve! Please make this how he wakes up Father.

I should have posted this yesterday because then it would have been to you today. I’m taking a short break to deal with my husband. He is having surgery today to FINALLY address his pain. He has been in pain for 20 years now and we see a light at the end of the tunnel. He doesn’t do well with anesthesia so I’m preparing for extended needs when he wakes up. Fortunately, so is the hospital. They listened to me and have already made arrangements to care for him, in case he needs extra time to fully clear from the effects of anesthesia. We covet your prayers on this issue!

We are already on a short break between the new and old testaments so we can spend Passion week together with Jesus. My “break” will end for certain on Sunday so we can join Jesus as He rides into Jerusalem. I’m looking forward to spending this momentous week with you and Jesus!

Father God, forgive me for distracting myself yesterday. I wasn’t trying to shut You out, just the worries for today. Please be with us as we go into this day. Thank You for providing the opportunity for Steve to have his pain reduced or gone! Please keep him in Your loving arms while he sleeps and wake him up easily. Guide the surgeon’s hands and have him place the electrodes in the BEST place for Steve. I pray a special blessing for all those who serve him during this time. Amen.

Two Tellings: Comparison

We can see clearly now the veil is gone!

Today is the day we put the two instances together side by side. Jesus telling His disciples of His death two times. The final time on the road to Jerusalem and the time on the road to Emmaus.

When we first started this comparison idea I stated a couple of things I wanted to look at. I copied and pasted those ideas here so I wouldn’t get too far off track.

“I want to look at the emotions of the disciples in each of these two instances. I want to look at Jesus’ telling of the story. And I want to look at the results of each of these tellings.”

I know that as we went along I threw a couple of “spoilers” in with my prayers, but that’s ok. We still have plenty to work with. Let’s take our comparisons in order of how I originally listed them. Read more »

Two Tellings: Second Telling

First one written with Wingdings3 font.
MUCH easier to read when someone provides the explanation!

We are in the middle of looking at Jesus telling His disciples about His death. We are comparing two different times. The first was His final “telling” while “on the road” to Jerusalem. Today we will look at His “telling” as He walked with two of them to Emmaus which can be found in Luke 24:13-35.

The road between Emmaus is about 7 miles; around 11.25 kilometers. As someone who enjoys walking I can tell you that a quick walk of this distance would take about two hours. A leisurely walk maybe would take several more hours. These two disciples didn’t seem to be in a hurry that day and their walk gave them time to ponder. Let’s join in the story as Cleopas.

I can’t sit still any more. Some of the women came in about an hour ago talking about seeing an angel at Jesus’ tomb and not finding Him. My mind is whirling with questions! What does all this mean? Have the Romans hidden His body? Are they laying a trap for us? I have to get out of here or I will go crazy! I’m already “crazy with grief.” How could all this have happened?

I decide to go see my sister. She and her husband live in Emmaus. I just need to get away for a while so I can think. Thaddeus seems to be of the same mind as I am so I ask him to accompany me. It is about the third hour of the day when we pack a small lunch and head out the door. I don’t think anyone even noticed us go. Everyone is either lost in thought or in small groups discussing the reports from this morning. Read more »