Number 11:31-35 Just Deserts

Three feet high and who knows how wide! Plenty to silence even the most “voracious” appetite

We last heard God promising Moses that He would send enough meat for the people to eat for a full month. He also promised that they would be sick of it by the end.

God actually gave the people quail before. In Exodus 16 we see that the night before God provided manna for the first time, He also provided a meal of meat; quail. But this time will be different.

God is true to His word. He would provide a month’s worth of meat for the people. And they would eat it until they were sick of it.

He brought so many birds to the people that they stacked THREE FEET HIGH! We don’t know how wide that stack was but it was enough for the WHOLE camp to come away with more meat than they could possibly eat. My bible helps says that “ten homers” is about 60 bushels (480 dry gallons or 2,200 liters)! And this amount was what the person with the least had. Everyone else collected more. I wonder what the average would have been. Read more »

Numbers 11:16-30 Help Arranged

Moses’ motives were right and God gave him a good answer.

Moses was feeling the weight of caring for all the people. The people were feeling deprived of their lifestyle in Egypt. God addresses BOTH issues.

God didn’t ignore the cries of any of His people. But there was a BIG difference between the cries of Moses and the cries of the people. God was not blind to this difference and His answers would fit both situations.

When we last left Moses he was angry with the people’s attitude and their complaining. He was also at his wits end. He knew he was incapable of caring for this huge amount of people on his own. He also knew that God had called him for this mission in his life. So his cry to God was one of need. He needed God to lighten his burden. It wasn’t because he was lazy or preferred things as they used to be. He was incapable of meeting all the people’s demands. He was at the end of himself. Read more »

Numbers 11:1-15 Grumbling

I bet there are good things in his life too if he only chose to look for them.

God’s anger is demonstrated against the people. Complaining about what God has done is NOT a way to impress Him or make Him move in your favor.

This is a story that I didn’t remember. I remember Israel grumbled A LOT but not this instance. We are not even told exactly what it was they were complaining about. But it was bad enough that God set part of the camp on fire. His house was safe but the fringes of the camp suffered for the attitude of the people.

I want to take a look at the one word that we do have that describes their complaint; “misfortune.” I’m wondering what “misfortune” they are referencing. Is it all the gold they left Egypt with? Is it the health of all of their people? Is it the number of herds they have acquired? Is it the destruction of their oppressors by the Red Sea which they had JUST walked through on dry land? Is it the abundance of water that came from the rock? Is it the victory they had over those who came against them? Is it the close fellowship God had established with them? Was it the abundance of manna they received every morning? Read more »

Numbers 10:11-36 Moving Out

Israel on the move. God’s presence goes with them.

This is the first time Israel sets out on their journey since the construction of the Tabernacle and receiving God’s laws. It is not a long journey this time.

Before we jump into this traveling band I want to point out one thing. God waited until AFTER the second observance of the Passover was completed. There were a few men who couldn’t partake on the official day so God allowed for a second opportunity. He kept the camp in place until they were able to celebrate His rescue.

When we looked at how the camp was set up and the marching orders earlier we missed a couple of things. Not for lack of inattention to God’s word but because He hadn’t shown it to us yet. Today He sets out the exact order of departure from camp. Read more »

Numbers 10:1-10 Trumpets

God designed a way for the people to quickly know they were being summoned. Word of mouth was not fast enough or always reliable. He chose trumpets as His summoning tool.

When reading this I was reminded of the Sound of Music and the whistle scene. I had to include it for you to enjoy too. Life at the command of a whistle. Now the people of God were going to learn life at the command of a trumpet. Read more »