Jude 1-2 Another Brother

I’m GLAD I’m one of the “nuts” hanging out on this tree now! I’m part of HIS family!!!

Jude, another of Jesus’ brothers, wants to share a word with us. He has done a 180 since the day he was outside trying to drag his brother home.

Jude doesn’t call himself the brother of Jesus. Instead he shares his relationship to Him by sharing his relationship to another of Jesus’ brothers, James. These are not uncommon names but our bible historians tell us that Jude was indeed one of Jesus’ brothers. I think Jude withholds that title from himself because he doesn’t feel worthy of it.

If you remember back to Jesus’ ministry time, His family thought he was nuts! At one point they tried to drag Him out of a house where He was teaching. Matthew, Mark and Luke all three record this event. Mark gives us background into their thinking. Remember that this is Jesus’ earthly family, including His mother and brothers at least. The group coming to collect Him may have even included His sisters, as he mentions sisters in His rebuke of them.

But His family didn’t stay in the camp of “He’s crazy” after His death. They finally understood the truth. And they joined the group that He said were His real family; “For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:35). So Jesus’ TRUE brother, on all fronts, is sharing with us today. Read more »

3 John 13-15 Better Left Unsaid

PLEASE Holy Spirit tell me which one and when to use each of them; words AND silence.

One again we come to the end of John’s letter. There is MUCH more he wants to say but wants it to be face to face.

John was NOT a gossip! He did not disclose in his letters anything that needed to be settled personally. His letters were short and dwelt on the major point John wanted to address. He certainly knew that his letters were being passed around by the churches. So anything of a purely personal nature he wanted to convey face to face.

John had matters to attend to with Diotrephes, but even those matters were going to be done in person. We don’t need to share ALL the details of our interactions with everyone. There is such a thing as “need to know” that applies even in the church. I don’t know if he had corrective matters to discuss with Gaius but we know he did with Diotrephes. But even extra praise made public can become a problem. Read more »

3 John 5-12 Helping the Brothers

Look at the evidence before committing to follow someone’s example.

John compares the works of three men with regard to how they treat the “brothers.” Two are found in good standing while the last is seriously wanting.

One of the things that John stresses in all his teachings is Jesus’ commandment to love one another. John requires not only lip service but practical service. The intended recipient of this message is one who is being faithful in this commandment. John makes sure to commend him for his acts of love.

But John also mentions two other men by name whom his intended recipient interacts with. The first is a condemnation and the second a commendation. Read more »

3 John 1-4 Walking in the Truth

I pray I will be found ALWAYS walking in Your truth

John writes a special letter to one individual; Gaius. But his tone is for all of us. Keep walking in the truth!

Gaius was apparently one of John’s converts; his spiritual child. He is VERY pleased to hear the reports of how he has been living his faith. Because John is focused highly on brotherly love, I would venture to guess that Gaius exercises this spiritual trait a LOT.

I wonder what kinds of acts of love Gaius engaged in. We will see what some of his acts involved in our next reading. Was he one of the church leaders?

I certainly identify with John’s joy at seeing “his child” following God. This is any Christian parent’s prayer. I know it’s my prayer. Read more »

2 John 12-13 In Closing

What’s your note say today? Mine says I LOVE YOU! Bet one of yours does too.

John closes his short letter with a desire to see this body in person. This isn’t the end of the things John wants to address, but the end of what he feels comfortable writing about.

I’m wondering what it was that John wanted to address in person. Was it something pleasant? Was it a correction that this body alone needed? Was it simply to see long lost friends and catch up? Whatever it was, the Holy Spirit felt we would not need it for our lives today. Otherwise He would have had John put it to paper for us too. Read more »