Mark 2:1-12 Your Sins are Forgiven

Get to Jesus any which way you can!

Get to Jesus any which way you can!

Today we join Jesus as He comes back to His new hometown, Capernaum. Unlike Nazareth, His original hometown, Capernaum is MORE than willing to accept His works and listen to His teachings. They are so ready to accept His teachings that they filled the house where He was at to capacity and beyond.

I was doing a little research to see what the homes of Jesus’ time looked like. There were a few sites I came across after Googling my question. One I found interesting was Farrell’s Travel Blog. Because the author claims to have been conducting tours of the region we are studying, I think he might have an idea about the house where Jesus was teaching. Read more »

Mark 1:40-45 Hope for the Hopeless


I will, be clean!

I will, be clean!

Mark mentioned, in yesterday’s reading, that Jesus was teaching in the synagogues and casting out demons. He didn’t mention Jesus healing people. I wondered about it at the time, but it seems that Mark didn’t mention it because he wanted to share specific healings instead of just a lump sum statement. Today Mark shares about a man with leprosy who came to Jesus.

Mark doesn’t tell us how this man came to the conclusion that Jesus could heal him or if he had watched Jesus in action before. What he does tell us is about the man’s absolute conviction that Jesus could help him, IF He only wanted to. He came to Jesus begging Him for help. He was on his knees and didn’t care who saw him there. He was a diseased nobody already, what is a little more groveling going to do to him? This man shouldn’t have even been coming up to a healthy person, because of the restrictions put on those with this disease, but he was desperate and KNEW help was within his reach. Read more »

Mark 1:35-39 Jesus, the Traveling Evangelist

He had a lot of work to do

He had a lot of work to do

Jesus has just had a long night ministering to people. As soon as the sun went down and ended the Sabbath, people were at Peter’s doorstep asking for miracles from Jesus. We are going to join Him on the morning after.

I have no idea how long Jesus ministered to the people but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was well after midnight before everyone was satisfied and went home. Jesus must have gotten some sleep though because Mark tells us that He rose very early in the morning, while it was still dark.

Jesus was more than likely exhausted. So does he sleep in like we would do? No. He gets up before dawn and goes searching for true refreshing. Jesus didn’t find refreshing in sleep or food or even hobbies. He found refreshing in the presence of His Father. He habitually spent time in prayer. This was where He was filled up again so He could continue to pour out Himself into people’s lives. Read more »

Mark 1:29-34 Peter’s Mother-in-Law Healed

Jesus' touch restored her live

Jesus’ touch restored her live

Jesus, Peter, Andrew, James and John head out to Peter’s house for Sabbath lunch. I’m assuming that it was directly following the Sabbath teaching and miracle just mentioned by Mark because he says, “And immediately He left the synagogue and returned to the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John” (verse 29). So that is where we are going too.

Jesus was probably a frequent visitor to Peter’s house as Peter and his brother Andrew were two of Jesus’ disciples. I imagine they visited together at each other’s homes while building the relationship before Jesus directly called these four men. I’m certain Jesus was acquainted with Peter’s family, including his mother-in-law. She had probably cooked for them all on more than one occasion. Maybe even sat and listened while Jesus taught. I believe Jesus cared for her very much. Read more »

Mark 1:21-28 Spiritual Warfare on the Sabbath

Jesus reads from the scrolls

Jesus reads from the scrolls

We join Jesus, Peter, James, John and Andrew as they head into town. It is the Sabbath and they are going to the temple. The town in is for a treat!

When Jesus came to the temple He didn’t sit back, He went to “work.” He came to teach. I’m not sure how their meetings progressed. Here in America, I don’t know if He would have been given the chance to teach. Our services are pretty regimented. We all come into one place. Usually there is an opening prayer. We sing, either corporately or listen to prescribed performances/choirs. Often we have some form of communion. Many take up an “offering”/collection. Our speaker of the day presents a message. We may sing another song. We close in prayer. Then we all go home.

I have been Googling the Synagogue service and found some interesting sites. One such site is Bible One of the materials sited by the author of the article on Bible is “Manners and Customs of the Bible.” Read more »