Luke 6:6-11 Come Stand Over Here

Take My hand. We'll do it together.

Take My hand. We’ll do it together.

Luke shares another Sabbath day story with us today. In Matthew the story from yesterday and today appeared to happen on the same day. Luke breaks them up into two different days. Luke isn’t concerned with chronology in his accounts, just the incidents.

I would like to look at the man who received his healing in this story. He did several noteworthy things. Jesus did the work, but because of the man’s willingness to follow Jesus’ instructions, he was able to receive what Jesus had for him.

When Jesus came into the synagogue He knew the scribes and Pharisees were laying a trap for Him. He started out His day in the synagogue like any other Sabbath day. He read and taught the people the truths contained in the reading. I wonder what it was He taught on that day. Did it have anything to do with healing, faith, or God’s provision for the hurting people? We won’t know until we ask in person because both writers who shared this story were not prompted to share that detail. Read more »

Luke 6:1-5 On Another Sabbath

A handful of trouble opened a teaching opportunity

A handful of trouble opened a teaching opportunity

Luke has been telling us about Jesus’ activities. He has told us of some of Jesus’ usual practices and of some extraordinary instances. He is going to tell us of activities that happened on one particular Sabbath. Luke shared with us earlier that Jesus’ normal practice on the Sabbath was to go to the synagogue and teach in whatever town He was in. In our story today we join Him and His disciples on the way, probably to the synagogue to do just that.

This is the third time we have come across this story in our readings. When we looked at Matthew’s account we looked in on it in person and focused on the events of the day. In Mark’s account we looked at the practice of the Sabbath and its history. In Luke’s telling I want to focus on the last verse: “The Son of Man is lord of the Sabbath” (verse 5). Read more »

Luke 5:33-38 The Old Is Good

Inspecting the wine

Inspecting the wine

Luke takes us to my most difficult subject today; fasting. I was looking back to see what we have already covered on the subject and found 8 posts dealing with it in some form or fashion. I really don’t want to go there again today. Honestly, it has been a very long day for me and I would rather simply skip this section, BUT that’s not what God wants us to do. So here we go. I’m at least saved from having to go through the same material again because I was prompted to look at a couple of different things in our reading.

In Luke’s telling of Jesus’ answer to the question of why Jesus’ disciples didn’t fast he shares some parables that Jesus used that day. The first one is about the new and old garments. In Matthew’s telling of this parable he talks about using a piece of unshrunk cloth as a patch for an old garment. In Luke’s telling he uses the analogy of tearing a piece from a new garment to patch the old one. This subtle difference brings a whole different concept into my mind. Read more »

Luke 5:27-32 I’ve Come For Sinners

Money lost its grip on Matthew

Money lost its grip on Matthew

Luke shares with us the calling of Matthew to the role of Jesus’ disciple. We looked at Matthew’s telling of his own story a while back. In that blog we looked at the calling as if we watched it happen personally. You can pop back over and check it out if you would like. The title was simply “Jesus Calls Matthew.” Not very original but it works.

I want to ask a few questions about the stories of Jesus calling His disciples. We don’t get to hear about how He came across all of them. We are told about Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Nathaniel and Matthew. That’s a little more than half of them. The remaining disciples He chooses are called out from the group of people following Him after a long night in conference with God. We know nothing about how they met Jesus or how long they were following Him before being officially called as one of his apostles. Read more »

Luke 5:17-26 Raising the Roof With Praise

Desperate to get to Jesus

Desperate to get to Jesus

Luke is recalling another remarkable story in his writing today. He wants to tell Theophilus and us about one extraordinary day in Jesus’ ministry. We are going to do things a little different today and join the crowd in the aftermath of this particular healing. We will be listening in on David and Jacob as they discuss with Leman what happened.

“All glory to God; the Father of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob! He is too marvelous for words!”

“Yes Jacob, He is wonderful! All praise to Him for sending His Servant Jesus to do these mighty works among us! He is truly a Man of God!”

This is the conversation that can be overheard as David and Jacob leave the home where Jesus has been ministering all day. The meeting ended with an amazing praise and worship time. Shouts of praise to God could be heard flowing out every opening, including the new one up on the roof. Read more »