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Matthew 7:7-11 Jesus Tells Us to Ask, Seek and Knock on God’s Heart

ask seek knock

He is waiting for you

We have reached the point in Jesus’ teaching about asking, seeking, and knocking on God’s heart. I want to start off by saying that Jesus is NOT giving a recipe for getting anything you want from God. God knows what we need, what we want, and what is best for each of us. He chooses best. He promises to meet our needs, but He doesn’t promise we can have everything we want.

This morning I have been working on getting my burn pit going. It is over 6 feet tall and filled with branches cut from our two apple trees and one pear tree during pruning a few months ago. The wood in the branches is still green, so as you can imagine, I am having a HARD time getting them to burn. When I first went out there this morning, I placed all my cardboard kindling around the fire and lit it. While I was doing this I decided to ask God to help me with this fire, like He did with Elijah on Mt. Carmel. After doing this I remembered today’s study was about asking. I thought it was a pretty cool that both things happened to coincide on the same day. I even shared that I had prayed with my husband and told him the story about the great battle between the prophets of Baal and Elijah. Read more »

Matthew 7:1-6 Jesus Addresses Judging

Judge not

While with Jesus on the mountain today, we hear Him teaching about judging others. This is another HARD section, because who among us can say they don’t judge? Are we allowed to form opinions on other’s actions? How far does this command go? What does Jesus really mean?

I am having a VERY difficult time writing this today. I have been trying to put something down for over five hours. I am SO not qualified to do this! I don’t know if I am being convicted, condemned or confused, but I am getting nowhere. I will share what I have gathered in my disjointed search today. I need your help in finding the deeper meat in this passage.

Here is what I came up with. Jesus tells us directly not to judge others. I want to start by defining the word “judge.” Since Jesus wasn’t speaking about a judge serving in an official capacity and His wording refers to the action word, “judging”, we are going to look at the verb meanings for this word. From we get: Read more »

Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus Says, “Don’t Be Anxious”

The sky is NOT falling

The sky is NOT falling. God is STILL in control

Jesus’ teaching today ties in very closely with yesterday’s. Yesterday He addressed where our treasure is. Today He is addressing being anxious. Actually, Jesus didn’t split these two sections, we did. My bible starts this section with “Therefore…” I had a pastor once who said, “Any time you see a ‘therefore’ you better look and see what it is there for.” In other words, what just preceded it is important to the next thought.

Jesus just finished addressing our treasure’s location: in Heaven or Earth. He just told us that we CANNOT serve God AND money. So these themes are therefore carried over into today’s lesson.

Jesus knew that money was a common concern, or anxiety producer, for everyone. He had just told us that we weren’t to chase after earthly things. So, what are earthly things? The things money buys. That is why He started off this section talking about the essentials things money is usually used to buy; food, drinks, and clothing. These are what we consider the necessities of life. Without these we die. So if I’m not supposed to chase after money to get these things, how am I supposed to meet my needs? Read more »

Matthew 6:19-24 Where is Your Treasure?

Where is you treasure

Where is you treasure

Jesus continues His teaching and we join Him as He addresses our “treasures.” If you are anything like me, your bank account laughs at this word if you try and apply it. But Jesus says not all that glitters is gold. What you truly value is your treasure.

Jesus says plainly here that we all have a choice in where we put our “retirement funds.” He says that we can gather up EVERYTHING we can while here on earth and trust it to get us through for all eternity, OR we can trust God to provide what we need to make it through this life while we work on His plans.

Let’s look at some examples so we can understand what He is actually calling us to do. Let’s start with my house. In my house we have a wide assortment of STUFF. This week alone, my washing machine has broken, my dryer has finally aggravated me enough to try and fix its issues, my celling fan is making a weird noise (maybe a bearing going out), and my husband’s computer had a fan going out. That is FOUR money sucking problems in one week! My husband is leaning VERY heavily towards replacing the washer and dryer because this is not the first time one of them has failed. Ok. If my heart were invested in my bottom line, this would be a BIG problem, especially if we do replace the appliances. This is a prime example of “moth eating” and “rust damage” taking my earthly treasure. Things wear out. Things break over time. Thieves would come into this picture if my repair man weren’t so nice and reasonable. Bottom line is, if my bottom line and the shine of my “toys” was where I placed my value in life, I would be forever disappointed. Nothing here on earth lasts forever! Read more »

Matthew 6:16-18 Jesus Address Fasting


Fasting Focus

Jesus begins His instruction on fasting the same as He did on prayer and giving. It is to be done in private and not for show. Apparently fasting was a common practice of the religious leaders at that time and their behavior and practice of it was anything BUT private. The same holds true for the religious leader’s behavior and practices of giving and prayer. Thus Jesus’ instructions.

I was thinking about the practice of fasting and wanted a little more information. I was curious about the origins of fasting, if God ever told anyone to fast, and the biblical reasons for fasting. I came across some interesting websites while searching out the answers to these questions. Here is what I found. I DO NOT agree with everything I found but thought I would pass it on and let you make up your own mind. Read more »