Mark 14:1-2 Meanwhile Back In The Shadows

Pay no attention to the men behind the masks

Pay no attention to the men behind the masks

We take a peek in on the chief priests and the scribes today. Jesus has beaten them at every turn and now they have gathered to lick their wounds and plot their next move.

Jesus already left for Bethany, by way of Mt. Olivet, earlier that evening so they think they are free to scheme. We will join them in the judgement hall at Caiaphas’ home. Twenty or so chief priests have gathered tonight to discuss what should be done about Jesus.

Chief priest and scribes are conversing in small groups throughout the room. The majority of them are grumbling about the encounters with Jesus this past week. “I thought once we got Him on our home territory we would be able to take Him down.” “Why couldn’t He stay with those backwards Galilean’s? Why did He have to come to Jerusalem anyway?” “Did He have to make us look like fools in front of the people? Maybe those simpletons didn’t understand His meaning.” “I would love to take Him down a peg or two!” Read more »

Mark 13:32-37 Stay Awake

Don't be caught napping

Don’t be caught napping

Jesus finally gets back to answering the first part of the question His four closest disciples asked. Peter, James, John, and Andrew asked Jesus when the things He was talking about were going to happen and what sings they should be looking for. Jesus told them a lot about what the end of days will look like, now He will address the when part of their question.

Before we dive in here I want to point out another example of the triune nature of God. When Jesus talks about the hour of His return He states that not even He knows the exact time that will be, BUT God the Father alone knows. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not privy to this knowledge. This means that there are aspects of God that are not shared among all three. This speaks clearly of three individual identities while still maintaining the understanding that all three individuals are part of the one Godhead. Read more »

Mark 13:28-31 You Know He is Near

The Seasons; illustration by white spirit wolf

God ordained seasons. illustration by white spirit wolf

We are continuing with Jesus on Mt. Olivet. He has been answering His disciples’ question of what are the signs of the end of the age. He has shared quite a bit of information with them. Now He uses a parable to sum up the waiting.

We also looked at Jesus’ words in this context in Matthew in the blog titled “Lessons From the Fig Tree.” In that article we looked at the different interpretations concerning the “this generation” statement Jesus made. I have no more insight on that point than I did last time, so let’s not go there today. Feel free to check out what we discussed earlier though.

Today I would like to look at the seasons instead. When Jesus is referencing the fig tree He likens His approaching return to the approaching summer for the fig tree. Why do you think that is? I have a couple ideas I would like to share. Read more »

Mark 13:24-27 Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Lord there is NONE like You

Lord there is NONE like You

Jesus is still sitting on the mountain side, telling His disciples of what awaits us all at the end. He was sitting on the Mount of Olives when Peter, James, John, and Andrew approached Him to ask about the end of days. They wanted to know what would happen and when it would all take place. Jesus has shared with them what to expect leading up to that time, what will signal the final end, and now He shares how it will all finally end.

This story was also covered when we looked at Matthew’s account of Jesus words. You can find it under the title “Jesus Arrives a Second Time.” We looked at the events Jesus says will take place. Today I want to back up a little and look at the false christs and false prophets who He said would come first. I also want to compare the differences in the two times Jesus makes His appearance on Earth.  Read more »

Mark 13:14-23 Be On Guard

Jesus is continuing His answer to Peter, James, John, and Andrew’s question. I have a feeling that they are blown away a LOT by His answer. The picture He is painting for them is a bleak one. But there is hope for the one who remains in Him.

We addressed this topic when we were in Matthew and you can look back at that blog post under “The Abomination of Desolation.” We looked at quite a few things in that post, so I might gloss over those points today and look at the experience of the people in the last days instead.  Read more »