Taking a SHORT Break

Rise and Shine Steve! Please make this how he wakes up Father.

I should have posted this yesterday because then it would have been to you today. I’m taking a short break to deal with my husband. He is having surgery today to FINALLY address his pain. He has been in pain for 20 years now and we see a light at the end of the tunnel. He doesn’t do well with anesthesia so I’m preparing for extended needs when he wakes up. Fortunately, so is the hospital. They listened to me and have already made arrangements to care for him, in case he needs extra time to fully clear from the effects of anesthesia. We covet your prayers on this issue!

We are already on a short break between the new and old testaments so we can spend Passion week together with Jesus. My “break” will end for certain on Sunday so we can join Jesus as He rides into Jerusalem. I’m looking forward to spending this momentous week with you and Jesus!

Father God, forgive me for distracting myself yesterday. I wasn’t trying to shut You out, just the worries for today. Please be with us as we go into this day. Thank You for providing the opportunity for Steve to have his pain reduced or gone! Please keep him in Your loving arms while he sleeps and wake him up easily. Guide the surgeon’s hands and have him place the electrodes in the BEST place for Steve. I pray a special blessing for all those who serve him during this time. Amen.

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