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Luke 6:43-45 Outed By Fruit

Out of the abundance of the heart

Out of the abundance of the heart

We are almost at the end of Jesus message to His disciples. He is preparing them for the work ahead. In our reading today He talks about the fruit they will bear.

We know from the accounts we already read that Jesus’ disciples experienced a LOT of success while out in the “mission field.” They came back in awe of all that His words had accomplished in their journey. The sick were healed, the lame walked, the blind recovered their sight, the deaf heard, the dumb spoke, demons were cast out, and the people received the word with gladness. Jesus is telling them today what it is that is going to allow that to happen.

The disciples’ heart is key in the process. Yes, God’s word is what provides the power for the miracles, but the heart condition of the one through which He works opens the door. I just received a picture of a screen sieve. There is oil being poured through this sieve into a waiting vessel. If the screen is dirty the oil flow is both slowed and tainted. What the vessel receives is contaminated. It is no longer the pure oil that was poured out. If the screen is clean the oil flows freely and cleanly into the vessel. I’m sure you recognize what, or rather who, the screen is. Read more »