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Luke 6:24-26 The Woes Are Mirrors

Which side of the mirror will you feed?

Which side of the mirror will you feed?

Luke shares Jesus’ pronouncement of woes right after sharing the blessings. The woes shared are the mirror opposites of the blessings. I had never notices this before.

The first blessing Luke shared was for those who are poor. The first woe is for those who are rich. Jesus is not saying that being rich excludes a person from God’s blessings, but that trusting in man’s riches leaves no room for God in such a life. He addressed this when He talked about the rich man, the camel and the eye of the needle. Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. The rich man is receiving his “consolation” on earth. He has no “need” for God in his life. That makes him the poorest of all.

The second blessing was for the hungry man. The second woe is aimed at the full. Another word for full is satisfied. The person receiving this woe is satisfied with their life on their own terms. They again see no need for God and no advantage to having Him as part of their life. They will be eternally hungry once they leave this life. They will hunger for relief from torment and rest. These will be denied them just as it was in the story of the beggar Lazarus and the rich man. The rich man saw the comforts Lazarus had and desperately wanted them. Abraham rightly told him that he had his comforts in life and was not entitled to any in this second life. His treatment of Lazarus while alive was proof of his lack of compassion and godliness in his life. Read more »