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Luke 10:13-16 Cities of Woes

Jesus' tears of sorrow for these cities and citizens

Jesus’ tears of sorrow for these cities and citizens

Jesus is sending out the seventy two right now. Before they leave He has a few words to say about the cities that have already been visited extensively. He also shares Who His group is really taking to the people.

Jesus has been using Capernaum as His home base since beginning His public ministry. He spend much of His time in this area. The area also included the cities He lists in His pronouncement of woes. “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida” (verse 13). He also pronounced judgement on Capernaum. Read more »

Matthew 11:20-24 Jesus Speaks Against the Cities

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Woe to the unbelieving cities

Jesus has been teaching and performing miracles for some time now. He has been drawing large crowds, especially for the healings, but the majority of the people still refuse to believe. Today Jesus speaks out about it.

We are not told where Jesus is at when he starts pronouncing His “woe” for the cities. He starts off talking about Chorazin and Bethsaida. He is distressed by the fact that these cities have seen numerous miracles and have personally heard Him teaching, yet refuse to believe the message He is bringing. Jesus told His disciples that if a city didn’t accept them, to shake the dust off their feet as a testament against them on the day of judgement. I think this is Jesus’ version of that act. The disciples could do their pronouncement covertly, but Jesus was very overt in His. Read more »