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Ephesians 5:22-33 Loving Our Spouse

A lifetime of learning to love awaits the brave. He promises to help those who lean on Him.

Paul is continuing with the practical application of the Christian life. He addresses how husbands and wives are to cherish and treat one another.

Paul first addresses the wife in her role of a helpmeet for her husband. We wives are told to submit to our husbands, just as the church submits to Christ. This is NOT calling us to be doormats or empty of personality or thoughts. What we are being told to do is operate under our husband’s authority. As the head of the family, he is the one responsible for our welfare. He is our covering. And like any covering, if you poke it with sharp sticks it will get holes in it and what is underneath will be ruined.

So how are we supposed to act? I find this verse a little more challenging than some others might because I’m my husband’s caregiver. I make nearly all the decisions in our home out of necessity. But bring big decisions to him and we discuss them. I also let him have the final say on the issues I bring to him. Read more »