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Matthew 13:10-17 Why the stories Jesus?

Jesus' Stories Teach Us

Jesus’ Stories Teach Us

Jesus has just spent the day teaching the people using stories/parables. His last remark to them was, “He who has ears, let him hear” (verse 9). I wonder what the people thought of that statement. “Of course we have ears; they’re on the sides of our heads, just like Yours!” But Jesus wasn’t talking about physical ears. He was talking about spiritual ears. The Pharisees probably thought they had both kinds of ears, but they were wrong.

The disciples came and asked Jesus about His teaching method. They were curious as to why He had ONLY taught in parables this day. He had used stories on previous occasions, but today He used parables exclusively. Why was that? They knew Jesus had some hidden meaning in His stories. Wouldn’t it have been easier on the people listening if He would have explained it to them afterward? The disciples were probably wondering at a lot of the meanings too, but they didn’t come right out and ask Him, yet. Read more »