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Mark 12:13-17 Whose Likeness Is It

My King's Seal

My King’s Seal

Jesus is still in the temple dealing with the religious leaders. We are into round three of this confrontation. This time it is a group of Pharisees and Herodians questioning Him. Their topic of choice is taxes to Caesar. They are not really interested in their tax question, only in trapping Jesus in something He might say.

I am struggling again today in finding something different to bring out. We covered this encounter when we looked at Matthew’s gospel. In case you want to reread it, you can find it under “Taxes to Caesar.” The two accounts are almost word for word, so where do I go now? (I’m glad Luke and John don’t include this one.) I was prompted to look at the “set-up” speech that this group gave Jesus. I don’t know exactly where it will take us, so we are all simply going to hang on for the ride. Read more »