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Luke 14:12-24 The Invited Guests

Your place at the table awaits

Your place at the table awaits

Today’s story is very like the parable we read in Matthew 22 about the wedding feast. Both dealt with the unworthy guests. I believe it is VERY clear who Jesus is referencing on that count. But this one also deals with another aspect of the guests.

Jesus starts this part of His conversation out by addressing His host directly. As a Pharisee, His host was well connected in society and probably hosted and attended many such affairs. As Jesus points out, when one is invited to a banquet it is expected that the honor will be returned by the guests by including their host in future banquets hosted by the current guests. ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’ Being a guest obligated you to return the invitation in kind. I have a friend who said that she was taught never to return a dish empty. If someone brings you a plate of cookies or a pan of brownies, always fill that pan or plate with food as you return it.

Jesus tells His host not to invite people who can repay in kind. He tells him to invite the poor, the lame, the blind, and the crippled people. These are the people that have no way to repay the kindness shown to them, but their Maker will provide a better reward instead. Because of the kindness shown to His least fortunate, God will remember the giver eternally. This certainly qualifies as laying up treasures in Heaven. Read more »