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Numbers 9:15-23 Cloud Cover

Ready to go at a moment’s notice means not having so much stuff too.

God set the schedule for the wilderness travels. He said how long to stay in one area, where to go and where to stop.

I love knowing that the “wandering in the desert” wasn’t because the men wouldn’t consult a map. “No we are not lost. No, I don’t need a map. If we keep going this way we will eventually run into something that looks familiar.” I’ve heard that statement more than once in my lifetime and it was usually said by my husband when I was frustrated with not knowing where we were.

Israel didn’t need a map. They had the Creator of the universe leading them along. He also had a MUCH better view of what lay ahead than they did. When God said “Let’s go” they went. When He said “Stop” they stopped. When He said “Be still” they waited. And to know what He was saying all they had to do was look up at the cloud. Read more »