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Numbers 5:1-4 Clean Camp

God was cleaning house but this “dirt” didn’t get thrown out, only moved until it could be “cleaned up” too.

God calls Moses and the people to “clean up” the camp. This is accomplished by moving the “unclean” outside the camp.

In God’s laws we have already read about one of these groups listed being put outside the camp; the lepers. They would have to live outside the camp while they were infected. Now God calls for more of the unclean people to be put outside the camp. He calls for those with a discharge and those made unclean by being around the dead.

I’m curious if this means women during their periods too. Was this for a long term discharge or one of any length? Also people who were unclean because of contact with the dead could be clean again after evening fell and they had a bath. So was there a short term encampment outside the camp and a long term one? I don’t see these second groups wanting to be in the encampment of lepers. It would be too risky for them. Read more »