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John 12:12-19 The Crowd’s Contribution

Get ready! Here He comes!

We are joining Jesus another event that made the cut in all four gospels. It is His entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. He entered as that day as the King of Israel in fulfilment of prophecy.

John focuses our attention on the crowd in His narrative. This crowd has been following Jesus for a while. I doubt all the members were the same throughout, but He has been gathering followers since healing the man born blind. John mentions that “the large crowd that had come to the feast” was there to see Jesus. This is also the crowd that was comforting Mary right before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Many of their members were present when Jesus called him out. I bet some of them even helped untie Lazarus. Some from this crowd was probably also present at the banquet where Mary anointed Jesus. Read more »

Mark 11:1-11 A Borrowed Colt

"We have work to do!"

“We have work to do!”

Jesus is still moving towards His final destination. They are approaching Jerusalem. Jesus has prophecy to fulfill so He sends His disciples off on and errand.

Jesus final return to Jerusalem is to be done with great fanfare. God told the people how Jesus would enter Jerusalem in Zechariah 9:9, “See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

Jesus was coming into Jerusalem fulfilling the full prophecy. He was righteous. He was victorious in all His encounters with the religious leaders and was fast approaching His ultimate victory ground. He was lowly and humble in all He did. Now He just needed the donkey to complete the prophecy. Jesus knew EXACTLY where this donkey would be waiting. God had prepared it in advance. God’s preparations was the focus of our Read more »

Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem

Behold your King

Behold your King

We are still traveling with Jesus as He makes His way to Jerusalem for the last time, this side of the grave. The group is nearly there, but Jesus has one final requirement before He reaches the city. He has a prophecy to fulfill.

Our story picks up at the Mount of Olives where Jesus sends two of His disciples out to bring Him a very specific donkey colt. Matthew has the disciples bring the mother and the colt, where Mark and Luke concentrate on just the colt. Mark and Luke also note that this colt has never been ridden by anyone. Jesus also had specific instructions as to what His disciples were to do and say once they found the colt.

The first thing that strikes me in this story is that everything had to be prepared in advance for this day. Donkeys don’t just accept a rider right out of the gate. There is a lot of training necessary before even being led by a rope, let alone sat upon. Just out of curiosity I Googled how to train a donkey to ride. I found a Q&A forum that talked about the necessary steps.  Read more »