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Luke 12:13-21 Greedy Gus

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Where is your treasure?

Luke shares with us a unique story today. It sets the scene for one of Jesus’ better known teachings. This one starts with a cry from a member of the crowd.

I’m wondering if Jesus has been continuing on with the same crowd or if these lessons have simply been joined together by Luke because of similar settings. The man seeking Jesus’ input today isn’t following the theme of the last few lessons is why I’m wondering. What made him pose this request of Jesus? We don’t see anywhere else where Jesus took this form of requests or met this kind of “need.”

The story is set up by a man in the crowd asking Jesus to tell his brother to divide the inheritance with him. In the Jewish society only the oldest was entitled to the inheritance and birthright. The later children in the family may receive something too, but it was at the father’s discretion. This man, apparently the younger brother, had no rights to the inheritance. Jesus recognized what was in the man’s hear immediately; greed. Jesus told him that he was going to have to work it out on his own or take it before a judge. Jesus wasn’t going to get involved in a money squabble. But He saw a perfect opening for a lesson for all those listening in. Read more »