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John 14:1-14 We’ll Be Together Again

One in three and three in one

Jesus is continuing to share His last words with His disciples. They don’t understand that He is saying goodbye to them. He is preparing them for their future. He’s not focusing on the immediate but eternal future.

Jesus just told His disciples that He was going somewhere they couldn’t go and that they wouldn’t be able to find Him. Now He is talking about bringing them to that place to share it with Him. I can understand some of the disciple’s confusion. We need to remember His words to Peter on this too. He told Peter that he couldn’t go NOW but that he would be with Him later. That is the same promise He is giving to the rest of His disciples. “In a little while.” Read more »

Mark 12:35-37 David Called Him His Lord

God the Father, God the Son, and the Spirit of God

God the Father, God the Son, and the Spirit of God

Jesus is continuing to teach in the temple. He has dealt with the religious leaders to the point that they are not going to question Him any longer. Now He moves onto a subject He wants the people to ponder. He is not expecting an answer but for them to think about what He is saying instead.

Jesus brings up the question of how can David call the Christ his Lord if the Christ is supposed to be David’s son. The crowd listening to Him was very impressed by His insight. Jesus always taught with firsthand authority and knowledge. We know the origin of that knowledge.

When I was reading Jesus’ question, I was curious about how the Jewish religion would view the passage Jesus was quoting. Essentially, did they believe in the trinity? I touched on this a little bit when we discussed this story in Matthew’s gospel, but I never researched it to find out the truth. I am very sad about what I learned. Read more »