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Exodus 25:31-40 The Lampstand

The intricate design God gave to Moses demonstrates His creative side too.

This is the third internal furniture piece for God’s temple. The lampstand which will be what provides ALL the light within.

When we looked at the other two pieces God commissioned I wondered about how elaborate the design was. We know that the temple Solomon built was extremely intricate and elaborate. I wondered about what embellishing features the ark and the table might contain. I was leaning towards a more minimalistic exterior design but after reading and feeling the design of the lampstand I have changed my mind.

God gave Moses an elegant design to use for the lampstand. He even included embellishments like flower parts. He included almond flowers and their calyxes in His design. To me that speaks of artistry beyond function. He also used on of my favorite principals in creating; symmetry. His design was perfectly balanced. Read more »

Exodus 25:23-30 The Table

The family table with the best dishes.

The next piece of furniture God gives Moses the design for is the table. This is where the showbread will be placed.

I noticed a couple of things about the pattern for the table. First of all, its width and length are smaller than that of the Ark but their height is the same. The dimensions are: Length = 2 cubits = 3 feet = 0.9144 meter, width = 1 cubit = 1.5 feet = 0.4572 meter, and height = 1.5 cubits = 2.25 = 0.6858 meter. The Ark is .5 cubits wider and longer than the table. Read more »