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Exodus 28:1-43 Priestly Robes

Might have looked something like this. I like the checkerboard pattern in this one.

God moves His focus to the attire of those serving in the temple. He also focuses on who is to serve.

I’m curious here why God skips around with His instructions to Moses. If I were organizing this instruction pamphlet I would be methodical. I would start with the tent, move on to ALL of its furnishings, move to the courtyard, its furnishings, then move to the people and everything connected with them. On our journey with the God and Moses we are still missing an item from both the tent and courtyard at this point. So why did God turn His attention to the priests at this point? Maybe He was keeping the “weaving” projects connected. The bronze altar doesn’t follow this line of instructions though, so maybe this wasn’t His agenda.

This will probably be another bench question when I get to Heaven. But since God shifted focus, we will follow along.

God first dictates WHO will serve as His priests. Aaron and his sons are called. God specifically calls Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. Aaron was to be the high priest and his sons would serve under him.

Aaron filled the role for Moses as his priest when speaking to Pharaoh. God told Moses that Aaron would represent this role. This was a natural move from serving one step removed into direct service. Aaron was from the tribe of Levi and this is the group that God would call to be perpetual servants in His house, but it came from Aaron forward in the beginning. I will have to google if the priesthood went back to all of Levi’s line or if it stayed with Aaron’s. (I was going to wait until later to do this but couldn’t move on until I did. I found out little on this topic. Aaron passed the priesthood on to his son but beyond that, I have no available research from Google.) Read more »

Exodus 27:20-21 Oil Recipe

The beginnings of the oil recipe.

God gives Moses the recipe for the oil the lamps will use. This is a very simple but specific and special oil.

Whenever I get ready to bake something I always look up a good recipe. I have a few favorites that I keep bookmarked. After locating the recipe I have to be sure I have all the ingredients called for. Whatever you make, substitutions in the recipe ALWAYS change the final product. Sometimes they are simple changes and sometimes they are drastic. My sister once made a brownie recipe from a box mix and forgot to put in the oil. That brownie, when thrown, actually chipped concrete! Read more »

Exodus 27:9-19 The Courtyard

God’s “fence” for His “yard.” Not the strongest material ever chosen but certainly the most respected!

We move to the boundaries of God’s new home; the courtyard. This sets the perimeter where all the activity of sacrifice was to be conducted.

This boundary didn’t mean that He had no influence beyond its borders or that those coming within them were always acting exactly as He directed. What it did represent is that those who entered these boundaries were entering into HIS territory. HIS house, HIS yard, HIS rules. He had authority over all that happened within those confines and He had a right to expect certain standards of those who chose to enter. He also had a right to say who could and couldn’t enter. Read more »

Exodus 27:1-8 Bronze Altar

Where sin met its end; in sacrifice and atonement.

We have the first piece of exterior furnishings today; the bronze altar. This is where the priests will sacrifice all the offerings to God.

Notice this piece is not gold. The gold, purity, stops at the door of the tabernacle. Actually it doesn’t reach the door beyond the covering of the five pillars at the entrance of the tabernacle and its hooks. The bases of these pillars are bronze too. Sin trying to creep in but meeting the overwhelming presence of God which repels it. (Just an analogy for me.)

The altar is where the sin of the people and the nation are brought. It is where the atoning blood will be sprinkled. I know this is off the point, but does the blood get washed away after a certain amount of time or on a regular basis? I asked google for an answer to my question and found someone asking a very similar question. The bible doesn’t give us the answer but other Jewish writings are sited as answers to the question. I’ll let you make the decision on their accuracy. Read more »

Exodus 26:1-37 Tent Building

Today we see the actual structure of God’s house. It is HEAVY DUTY construction. It is made to last for generations.

As I’m reading our section today I’m trying to imagine what the building God was giving instructions for would look like. No. I hadn’t ever looked at a replica before so what I was envisioning was very wrong. I was seeing the beautifully woven curtains running around the tent frames. Nope. They go across the top.

I was trying to figure out how the folded in half eleventh panel draped over the back. After graphing it out on an Excel sheet I realized the direction of the tent. I wish I could purchase a model for my home but there is nowhere for me to put it. And if I had one I would also want a model of Solomon’s temple for comparison. Read more »