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Deuteronomy 12:1-28 A Special Place

God’s Tabernacle would find a place of rest too.

Before God even took the children of Israel across the Jordan He had a place in mind for His dwelling place. It would be a special place to all the people.

While the people were wandering in the wilderness, wherever they set up the Tabernacle was where they made their sacrifices to God. The people were also following their own heart in how they served God according to what I hear Moses saying. “You shall not do according to all that we are doing here today, everyone doing whatever is right in his own eyes” (verse 8). It appears that once the people have taken full possession of the land that the rules of worship and sacrifices tighten up. Read more »

Numbers 8:5-22 Separation

Aaron performs the cleansing called for by God for His special servants.

We are still in the early days of the Tabernacle in our reading. God calls the Levites to stand in the place the first born should have taken; separated unto Him.

God has told Moses in several places that the firstborn of people belong to Him. He ransomed the lot of them from Egypt. But He chose a different way instead.

He chose the Levites instead. He didn’t choose them because they were the symbol of perfection. He didn’t choose them because they were the easiest bunch to work with. He didn’t even choose them because they were the tribe that was closest in number to the number of firstborn He was relinquishing exclusive right to. I believe He chose them because they were the tribe Moses was from.

Moses and Aaron had been acting as God’s spokespersons for some time. He could have used ANYONE from any tribe. But He chose to work with the little baby that was placed in the reed basket, saved by Pharaoh’s daughter, raised in the ways of Egypt, KNEW of his heritage, stood up for his people against their oppressor, hid his guilt, cried out “NOT ME”, and finally followed His commands with his whole heart. Read more »

Numbers 8:1-4 Lamps

The direction of the light can mean the difference between life and death. It matters where the light leads you.

God is continuing to give Moses instructions on where to place His furniture. He has good reasons for what He wants and is not afraid to say it out loud.

When I first read our text for today I noted the difference in size from what we read the last time. From 89 verses to 4 verses. Then I thought about the content of our reading for today and wondered how this one little detail had to say to us. I KNOW that EVERY WORD of God’s word in important but how could the direction the lamps were facing be of importance to me? Read more »

Numbers 7:1-89 Inauguration Offerings

The first offerings to the Tabernacle were practical. The carts and oxen made transport possible.

Moses lists out for us the first offerings of each tribe brought to the Tabernacle. NO WAY could it all be done in one day so it spanned many days.

In a family with so many sons one thing I would expect is one group trying to outdo the other. That didn’t happen here. Each tribe brought exactly the same gifts. I have a feeling they did this because they were told what to bring.

The first offerings were for the service and transport of the Tabernacle. The Levites were given wagon and oxen to pull them. The two branches who had the physical structure of the tent and courtyard were given the carts to carry the pieces in. The branch who transported the Tabernacle furnishings were given none as these pieces were carried on their shoulders. This answers my questions from earlier on this issue. Read more »

Leviticus 24:5-9 Show Bread

A weekly supply of bread from the portion of the Lord for those who served in His house.

God gives instructions for the bread that is to be placed in the tabernacle on the table. He requires one loaf for each tribe and each loaf is made up of the exact same things.

When I first started reading this passage today I was intrigued by the frankincense. I’m certain it is a beautiful smelling aroma but why pour it over the bread. I started thinking about it and googled my question. I wanted to know if frankincense is a food preservative. I didn’t get a definitive answer on that aspect of it but was informed that it can be used for everything from minor cuts to “leprosy.” I doubt it really cured leprosy but it did have amazing health benefits. Read more »