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John 16:4b-15 Speaking To Heavy Hearts

The disciples’ feelings exactly!

Jesus is continuing His goodbye to His disciples. They are really beginning to get that something is going to happen soon. They don’t understand it but something is up.

Jesus has spoken of His death to His disciples on three other occasions but He didn’t dwell on it for long. He presented the information and then moved on with another topic important to the work ahead. This night He doesn’t seem to be talking about anything else. But He is also being a little cryptic. He isn’t directly saying that He will be killed this night but that He is going away soon.

The disciples are used to Jesus speaking in parables. They are also used to having to ask Him to explain what He has shared. But tonight Jesus seems different. He almost has an urgency about Him. He is driving a point home for His disciples that they are going to need in the near future. They don’t know of their upcoming need but He does. He wants to make certain that His disciples are prepared for what lies ahead. Read more »

John 14:15-31 Not Orphans

Burn away all pretense

Jesus continues His goodbyes to His disciples. They are still confused as to His meaning. But that doesn’t stop Him from giving them this enormous promise. The promise of a Comforter who will be with them always.

When I first started reading this the words, “I will not leave you as orphans” (verse 18a) jumped out at me. His disciples were about to feel the most alone they had felt, probably in their entire lives. We know that state won’t last and that they really weren’t alone because God the Father was protecting them during this time. But why did Jesus compare them to orphans? I will share with you what I got when I saw those words. Read more »

Luke 24:44-49 Finally They Understand

Jesus provided the key to understanding

Jesus has just appeared in the locked room where His disciples were discussing their personal visitations with Him after His resurrection. He startled them with His appearance. He had to reassure them He was in fact real by presenting His hands and feet for inspection and eating in their presence. I LOVE how He left no room for doubt. Now He is ready to fully explain all the things that the disciples have missed over the last three and a half years.

Like He did with Cleopas and his fellow traveler, Jesus explains to the rest of His disciples the meaning of all that was written about Him “in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms” (verse 44). He explains why He had to suffer and die and why He rose again. This time though was different. No longer would His disciples hear but not perceive or see but not understand. Why was that? Because the plan was no longer hidden from them. Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures. Read more »