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Matthew 13:31-35 From such a little thing comes BIG results

Small start, BIG finish

Small start, BIG finish

We are going to start a little backwards today. We are going to skip to the last two verses of our reading, then go back and address the two parables on growth Jesus talks about today. Jesus is continuing to teach the people in parables. We are not told where Jesus is teaching currently or what kind of crowd His is addressing; just that He is using parables to do so. He is addressing them with parables for a very specific reason. Jesus told His disciples why earlier in this chapter; in verses 10-17. We addressed Jesus’ remarks in an earlier lesson too. Jesus spoke to the people in parables so they would have to dig in and find the meaning that was hidden from them. The casual listener would miss the whole point of His message.

Matthew reminds us today in versed 34-35 that Jesus was teaching this way as part of prophecy. Jesus had to fulfill ALL the prophecies of the Old Testament. This was a requirement for the Messiah, and was how Israel was to recognize her Messiah when He came. Sad thing is though, Jesus fulfilled each and every single one of them and they still didn’t believe Him. As a nation, they are still waiting today.

Now we are going to back up to the beginning and look at the parable of the mustard seed. Next we will look at the parable of the leaven. Read more »