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Mark 3:1-5 A Withered Hand Reaches For Jesus

He is reaching for you!

We have another familiar story today that we are going to look at. Jesus and His disciples have completed their Sabbath journey and are now in the synagogue. Jesus is becoming a fixture in the synagogues on the Sabbath, when the crowds are small enough He can actually enter the cities. Capernaum is one of the cities He enters regularly. I believe that is the city where we join Jesus today.

Anyone who has been following Jesus’ exploits knows that if He is in the city on the Sabbath He is sure to make an appearance in the synagogue. So, if you need Jesus’ help, make sure to be where Jesus is. And what could be easier or more innocent than going to the synagogue on the Sabbath? We are going to name the man we meet in the synagogue today James. James is a quiet man and hates to draw attention to himself, especially with his deformity. James seldom goes out in public since the night IT happened. Read more »

Matthew 12:9-14 Jesus Heals the Man with the Withered Hand on the Sabbath

Willie Coyote after being blown up

His traps never worked either

We are continuing the Sabbath day’s journey with Jesus, His disciples, and the judgmental Pharisee group. Jesus was apparently on His way to the Synagogue when He and His disciples were walking by the grain field. The Pharisees were still spoiling for a fight as they tagged along.

The first thing recorded by Matthew after Jesus entered the synagogue is the fact that there is a man with a withered hand in attendance that day. Did Jesus notice the man first or did the Pharisees pull him from the crowd in order to bait Jesus? Had Jesus identified the man and stepped near him to address his need? Did the man approach Jesus or one of His disciples for healing? What were His disciples doing during this time? We are told straight up that the Pharisees’ question about healing this man was devised to find some reason to accuse Jesus of wrongdoing. They didn’t like Jesus one bit and would use any excuse to get rid of Him, permanently!  Read more »