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Luke 11:5-13 Persistence’s Reward

Growing in relationship too

Growing in relationship too

Yesterday we looked on as Jesus started teaching His disciples how to pray. He did this in response to their request. It just occurred to me how thrilled He must have been to be asked to do this. Introducing His most cherished friends to His Father. His Father knew His friends, but now His friends will know His Father more intimately and His Father will become their Father too.

We ended our study yesterday with a cliffhanger. I told you that now I understand why Jesus put these parables with His teaching on prayer. I did not have that understanding when we first started out. It was a gift along the way.

My bible puts Luke 11:1-13 under one heading; The Lord’s Prayer. When I was reading it yesterday I had some trouble understanding the linking of the two segments. I didn’t know how to tie them together. When thinking about the persistent knocking of the friend described in the first of Jesus’ parables I thought about how I would answer the door. “WHAT DO YOU WANT!!” Read more »

Luke 11:1-4 Prayer Time With God

Or mine?

And mine?

We join Jesus and His disciples today at the end of His prayer time. Luke tells us that Jesus “was praying in a certain place” (verse 1) and had just finished when one of His disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. Jesus gladly complied with this request. I want to look at the prayer itself today, then go into Jesus’ teaching concerning prayer tomorrow.

I’m curious as to when this event happened in Jesus and His disciples’ relationship. Matthew shares Jesus teaching this prayer to the people in the middle of His Sermon on the Mount. We looked at His teaching in the blog titled “Jesus Teaches Us to Pray.” I’ve linked it for you, in case you wanted to look back.

Back to my question of ‘when’ Jesus shared this lesson. Luke just finished sharing with us about Jesus sending out seventy two ‘missionaries’ to the towns He was planning to visit. Luke also shared with us the success these men encountered when using Jesus’ name. So to me, I would think they MUST have known how to pray before they went out. But was that a different type of prayer they used then compared to what Jesus is teaching them now? Read more »