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Luke 20:25-28 Our Redemption Is Near!

Are you fainting or rejoicing?

We are continuing on with Jesus as He shares what is to come. It’s amazing that He takes the time to prepare His disciples for what lay ahead for them while walking through the most eventful week in His own life. But, that’s Jesus; always caring for others. Got a little sidetracked there.

Jesus shares the cosmic events and the signs of what heralds the end of this age and the beginning of His Kingdom. His disciples asked and He answered. We are still having trouble understanding all that His answer entailed. Matthew and Mark also included Jesus’ answers to His disciples, including the portion of His answer we are looking at in Luke today. When we looked at Matthew’s account I focused on the sequence of events that led up to Jesus second arrival. With Mark’s account, I focused on the difference in the manger appearance and Jesus coming in the clouds. Today I want to look at the human side of these events. Read more »