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Acts 8:4-8 The Word Spreads

The longest journey starts with a single step

We saw the tide turn on the church the last time we were together. Their message was NOT popular with the religious leaders but the people were lapping it up. With the stoning of Stephen though the religious leaders are on a roll and prepared to stamp out the new church wherever they encounter it, especially in Jerusalem. So the body has broken up into smaller pieces and is reestablishing itself outside of Jerusalem.

Today we get to see one of the results of the disbursement of the church. Philip, one of the twelve apostles has gone on a short “missions trip” to Samaria. This is certainly one place the religious leaders won’t follow him. They are adamantly against associating with any Samaritan. But the apostles learned directly from Jesus that they were to love these people and bring the word to them too. Read more »

Acts 1:6-11 Be My Witnesses

Father, I’m coming Home!

We join Jesus and ALL His followers as He is saying His final farewell. They don’t realize this is His last time with them but He does. I wonder how different the conversation would have been if they had known too.

Luke tells us that “when they had come together” they brought with them their expectations again of Jesus setting up His Kingdom here on earth. “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom of Israel?” (verse 6). They still didn’t understand all of Jesus’ plans. They didn’t have the Holy Spirit living in them to open their eyes yet. They had been waiting, watching and working (as best they could) to see Jesus take the throne of Israel. They knew the promises but didn’t understand their implications. They couldn’t see the “big picture” yet.

Their question reminds me so much of children on a long trip. The parents understand the concept of time, distance and speed. They can calculate how long it will be before reaching their destination. But to the child, the only thing they know is they want the end to be here NOW! “Is it time yet?” They don’t watch the road signs and calculate how much longer. They rely on the parents to let them know when, but not without a few reminders that they are waiting being thrown in. “Are we there yet? How much longer?” Read more »

Luke 24:50-53 Jesus Goes Home

I love you! See you later. Father, I’m coming Home!

We have come to the end of Luke’s gospel account. He ends his letter by telling Theophilus of Jesus’ parting moments on earth. Jesus is headed home to His Father. But before He leaves He blesses them one last time.

It has been 40 days since Jesus rose from the dead. Luke does not tell us that here in his narration but in Acts 1, which he also wrote to Theophilus through the Holy Spirit. This will be His final visit with His disciples here on earth.

In between Jesus arriving in the locked room, in our last story, to Him being taken up into Heaven, in today’s story, He has visited His disciples several times in various places. Once was on the beach after they finished fishing and once was on a mountain in Galilee. Each time He gave them a little more understanding of His teaching. Each time He showed them that He loved them and prepared them for their next mission. Read more »

Mark 16:15-18 Go Tell It On The Mountain

Shine in whatever form He gives you

Shine in whatever form He gives you

We are at part 2 of Mark’s closing section. I decided to break the last section into the three component parts when I read it yesterday. We started with Jesus’ appearance to His disciples right after He rose. Today we will look at “the great commission”, which is what this section’s heading is in my bible. Tomorrow we will look at His ascension.

Jesus is speaking with all His disciples on the mountaintop in Galilee when He gives them these instructions. Matthew told us a bit more detail about this  scene. We looked at his account in the blog titled “Go And Make Disciples Everywhere!” Matthew even told us about doubters in the group.

Mark focuses on more of the specifics of Jesus’ instructions. They both report Jesus’ Read more »

Matthew 28:16-20 Go And Make Disciples Everywhere!

What has He called you to do?

What has He called you to do?

We come to the end of Matthew’s account today. It’s been a wonderful journey. I have enjoyed every moment of it. But before we leave, Jesus is going to leave us with His parting large group instructions. And even more important than that, He is going to leave us with His personal promise.

When Jesus rose from the dead He told the women who came to the tomb to tell His disciples that He would meet them in Galilee. We know from the other writers of Jesus’ history that He met them, and the women, while still in Jerusalem too. This didn’t negate His wish to meet them in Galilee though. He wanted everyone together in Galilee, His headquarters, for His final lesson. I’m assuming that there were more than just the remaining disciples present at this teaching. I believe that all the people who had been faithfully following Jesus were on that mountain top too. Read more »