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John 10:1-21 My Sheep Know Me

No greater love!

Jesus shares with us today a “figure of speech” that is still being checked out today. Jesus says He is the good Shepherd and that His sheep know His voice. He says that His sheep will not follow a stranger. You would be surprised by how many YouTube videos I came across where people are checking out that very principle. Yes, I admit it, I googled it to see too.

While I was thinking about Jesus’ words I wondered about the sheep. How they knew the difference between their shepherd and a stranger. The sheep are not born knowing their shepherd and his voice. They learn it day by day and moment by moment. They learn to associate his voice with food and safety through daily exposure. They also learn from their mothers to trust the shepherd. There are times that the shepherd does things that momentarily distress the sheep, like branding and shearing, but the sheep have built enough trust in their shepherd to weather the tough times. A good shepherd also knows the needs of his sheep. He notices when one is sick or injured and he provides special cares for it until it is restored to health. Read more »