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Matthew 7:12 Jesus Sums Up the Law & the Prophets

Sum (Law + Prophets) = Golden Rule

Sum (Law + Prophets) = Golden Rule

Jesus’ teaching today gives us what we now call “The Golden Rule.” No it’s not he who has the gold makes the rules, although that often is the case. But it is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Jesus says this sums up all the law and all the prophets.

This is such a straightforward concept. I sounds simple too, but this is where all those tough parts we have gone over lately come back to us. Concepts like forgiveness, loving your enemies, retaliation, judging others, and giving to the needy are contained in this single command from Jesus Himself.

I know I am going to mess up and need forgiveness. If I expect it from another, or from God, I have to give it to others; even when they don’t deserve it or don’t even ask for it. If they don’t say “I’m sorry” do I still have to forgive them? Jesus said, yes you do. Unforgiveness hurts you more than it hurts anyone else. The other person may not even know that you are angry with them. Your unforgiveness may not impact them at all. But it is eating you alive and putting a block in your relationship with God. If you can’t forgive, you won’t truly believe that God can forgive. Read more »